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Become a Volunteer Verifier
for the Validation Program

Indiana is at the forefront of Montessori advocacy in the country, including our ability to provide School Validation for Montessori Schools. This is a completely volunteer-run program that supports the continuous improvement of schools in the state and communicates quality to prospective families and regulators. This program would not be possible without the contributions of time and expertise from our Validation teams. We are always in need of more verifiers. Verification teams visit schools on-site after self-studies have been approved to verify the presence of the components listed in their documents. Verifiers go through training and are asked to go on one-day visits with other team members to schools going through the validation process in their region. Please consider training to be a verifier today! It is a gift to the school you visit, and also a great professional development opportunity for the visitor to see a variety of schools, teaching styles, and systems.

Interested in training to be a Verifier? Read the documents below and email the Verification Coordinator here!

Download the Verifier Application
Download the Verifier Invitation
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