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Validation Application
for Indiana Montessori Schools

Dear Indiana Montessori School,

The United Montessori Schools of Indiana is pleased that you have made the choice to become a validated Montessori school. UMSI is a volunteer state organization with the goal of supporting high quality Montessori education in our state.

We hope you have read the Montessori School Validation Program Rapid Overview and Handbook. The first step for participation in the validation program is your completion of this application. You may choose to have only one level of your program validated at any given time.

The Validation Project fee is $100 per level. Each additional level is discounted at $50. This includes all classrooms at a given level. This fee will offset expenses incurred by the Administration of the project by UMSI.

Please return you completed Application to Your validation fee may be paid using PayPal or check made out to United Montessori Schools of Indiana and sent to Kathy Lause at 5111 Evanston Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46205.

Thank you for your participation.

The UMSI Board of Directors

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