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United Montessori Schools of Indiana was founded in 2008 by a group of teachers that were interested in bringing Montessorians from across the state together to form a united voice. There had long been a need for a statewide organization that would bring together teachers, assistants, administrators and parents that represent all sectors of Montessori education in the state. 

UMSI first held a statewide conference in October of 2008, which brought over 170 attendees together. It was quite a success story for an organization that only a few months earlier had been only an idea. Montessori teachers from five states attended that first conference and continue to attend each year. 

You have the opportunity to become an individual or school member of UMSI.
Apply Here! We encourage all Montessorians across the state to become actively involved in the work that we are doing and a membership program is available to you all. Together our voice is stronger. 


In October of 2014, we held a working session for the Board of Directors and invited any interested participants that wanted to learn more about becoming advocates for the advancement of Montessori education in the state. We worked with Christine Lowery and identified four targeted advocacy projects to focus our work on in the coming years in addition to the professional development sessions we hold. 
In June 2015, the UMSI Board of Directors reviewed and updated our by-laws and also worked to revise our Mission so that we have a clear vision and focus to the work that we are doing. 
We will continue to host Instructional Assistant Training annually as long as there is interest. Our conference is held every year, with an alternating focus on the advocacy goals we have in place and / or other targeted initiatives. We will also be holding subject-specific workshops throughout the year and we continue to work on our Validation Program.
Please join us in this work! All board meetings are open and we are eager to have new voices at the table. We often host meetings through ZOOM so you don't have to leave the comfort of your living room to participate! 

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