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"What do we want? 
Increased access to Montessori families!
When do we want it?
How will we get it? 
By showing legislators that their constituents WANT Montessori. Numbers matter. Every Montessori school needs counted! Every Montessori student needs represented!"
Every family that wants Montessori for their child(ren) needs heard!
One way to be counted is to complete the Indiana Montessori School Census today! Make sure your school has a voice! 
School leaders, please take a moment to fill out the survey.
Staff and families--forward this to administrators and ask them if they've completed the survey yet!!! Right now we believe the state has a significant under-count of Montessori schools, and we need your help to fix this issue!

UMSI Indiana Montessori School Census- 2021-2022
School Social Presence:
How have you received UMSI support for your school and/or staff?
Do you want to receive information about becoming an UMSI member?

Thank you for submitting! We have received your information.

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