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Membership Organizations

UMSI is privileged to have the support of Montessori and educational organizations throughout the country. Check out these organizations below and learn more about what they do for our community.


The Center for Montessori Education at Loyola University Maryland

The Center for Montessori Education at Loyola University Maryland supports Montessori education through graduate programs tailored to your needs.  Our M.Ed. in Montessori Education brings trained Montessori educators together through a fully online curriculum that can be completed in 1-2 years.  Our AMI Concurrent M.Ed. program begin their graduate program with an AMI training center, completing their program through LUM’s online platform in a summer intensive capstone experience. 

Montessori Materials by Lakeview

Montessori Materials by Lakeview has served the Montessori community for almost three decades, providing materials to educators on six continents. We've become well-known for offering the most comprehensive selection of Pink, Blue and Green Level language materials available anywhere. And the name "Lakeview" is synonymous with "Objects! Objects! Objects!" to many Montessori teachers. Our goal is to produce the highest quality, reasonably priced, classroom ready materials possible.

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