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Tulip Tree Montessori

Indianapolis, IN, USA

Job Type

Assistant Teacher

About the Role



Pay: $35,000 annual salary

Job type: Full-time

Shift: 7:30 AM-4:30 PM

Focused on fostering practical life skills, daily experiences in nature, and highquality nutrition, Tulip Tree Montessori offers a unique approach to caring for children ages 16 months up to 4 years of age using the philosophy and methodology put forward by Dr. Maria Montessori. Tulip Tree Montessori is seeking a unique individual who is ready to jump right into the mix and take initiative to support our mission and long-term vision for the school. We are at the ground level of building a radical option for childcare here in Indianapolis and are looking for someone with grit and vigor as we forge a new beginning together for the children in our community.

Tulip Tree Montessori is a special place; therefore, we are seeking a special person, someone with strong unicorn vibes. The ideal candidate has a playful soul, a humble heart, and a life-long love of learning. Our unicorn is eager to absorb wisdom from a leader in the Indianapolis Montessori community and ready to weave their interests and passions into their work with children. They also have the opportunity to gain a scholarship towards a degree in early childhood education. Our unicorn will have stamina, perseverance, and excel at making mud pies. Above all else, they must love being with and learning from young children.

Job Overview

  • Helps maintain the prepared learning environment throughout the day

  • Receives constructive guidance from Lead Teacher

  • Engages with and guides children through transitions and outdoor playtime

  • Assists with redirection and behavior assessment

  • Helps follow daily classroom rhythm

  • Prepares daily snacks and food preparation activities

  • Participates in ongoing diapering and toileting needs

  • Posts pictures and/or videos of each child weekly on Brightwheel

  • Ensures laundry is washed, dried, folded and put away as needed

  • Assists with and completes daily cleaning and tidying

  • Communicates classroom needs with Lead Teacher

  • Participates in daily debriefings and weekly staff meetings

  • Engages in a minimum of 12 hours of continuing education each year


  • Show up each day with an open mind and an open heart

  • Take initiative and be willing to jump right into the role

  • Strong communication skills

  • Be willing to take direction as needed from the Lead Teacher

  • Love all weather and be willing and able to spend a minimum of 90 minutes outside daily

  • Have a wide imagination and be willing to eat all the “food” children prepare at the mud kitchen

  • Show up each day with stamina and a desire to meet toddlers where they are emotionally, mentally, and physically

  • Energetic and engaging

  • American Heart Association approved CPR and First Aid certificate dated within the past year that includes infant/toddler training

  • Reliable transportation

  • High school diploma or equivalent

Preferred Skills

  • 1-3 years experience working with young children

  • Speaks toddler and can work on "toddler time"

  • Creative and intuitive

  • Patient and supportive

  • Ability to scan the room and step in where needed

  • Believes children are capable and deserving of respect


  • 5 weeks of paid vacation during school year (August-June)

  • 3 weeks paid summer vacation during July

  • 10 paid personal/sick days per school year

  • Montessori Mentorship Paid Professional Development

  • Scholarship opportunity towards a degree in early childhood education

Email resume to

Daily Rhythm

Arrival: 7:30-8:30 am - There is a 60 minute arrival window. Children who arrive between 7:30-8:00 am will be offered breakfast. The school day officially begins at 8:30 am.

Group Time: 8:30-8:40 am - Group time is a time of day when we come together as a whole class. We sit in a circle where we sing songs, talk about the days of the week, practice saying each other's names, recite poetry, and more.

Morning Work Cycle: 8:30-9:30 am - A Montessori work cycle is an uninterrupted block of time in which children explore and engage with classroom materials of their choosing. This time is meant to foster a love for work while cultivating executive functioning skills.

Snack: 9:30-9:45 am - The children are invited to join a group snack at the large dining table. We often sing songs and read books during this time, while the children enjoy their snack and some water. After snack, we move in two groups to clean up and prepare to go outside. The second wave of children get to stay back with Tinora and help set the table for lunch.

Outdoor Time: 9:45-11:30 am - We go outside together every single day. The only thing that keeps us inside is inclement weather (lightening, heat or cold advisory, etc.). While outside the children are free to explore the expanses of the yard, munch on garden offerings, and use the various playground apparatuses. Seasonally inspired activities breathe new life into the outdoor space throughout the year.

Lunch: 11:30 AM -12:15 PM- Little by little, the children come in to put away their shoes and coats, wash up, unpack their lunchboxes and start their meals.

Cleanup and Naptime: 12:15-2:30/3:00 PM- The children are guided through the process of cleaning up after their meal. Once the children are all cleaned up the children find their cots and begin their rest.

End of Day and Pickup: 3:00-5:00 - Most everyone wakes up by 3pm. However any children who are still sleeping by 3:15 will be gently roused. Upon waking the children are welcome to engage with classroom materials Once everyone is up, we all gather for one final snack to wrap up the school day. The rest of the day is reserved for unstructured free play, oftentimes spent outside.


The first day of playschool is August 7, 2023

The last day of playschool is June 28, 2024


The following outlines the scheduled days off throughout the academic year. This calendar allows teachers ample time for curriculum development, professional development, and to rest and recharge throughout the school year and are considered paid days off. If Tulip Tree closes as a result of mass illness of teachers, weather disruptions, etc. parents will be informed no later than 6am. Tulip Tree does not adjust the annual calendar for make up days as a result of unscheduled days off.

• September 4 (Labor Day)

• October 2-6 (Fall Break)

• November 20-24 (Prof. Dev. & Thanksgiving Break)

• December 18 - January 2 (Winter Break)

• March 14-22 (Prof. Dev. & Spring Break)

• May 27 (Memorial Day)

About the Company

One of the main things that sets Tulip Tree apart is our dedication to high quality nutrition. We view young children as whole beings deserving of love and respect, therefore take a truly holistic approach to the care we provide by placing value on fresh and organic foods, deep cellular hydration, sleep hygiene, whole body movement, daily experiences in nature, and emotional support.

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