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Get to Know Us

The United Montessori Schools of Indiana is a volunteer-run, grassroots organization dedicated to increasing access to high-quality Montessori education throughout the state. The Board of Directors, Committee Members, and other volunteers work to provide meaningful professional development for Montessorians, build opportunities for Montessorians and schools to connect and share knowledge, and lead legislative and regulatory advocacy to decrease barriers to Montessori education in the state. 

United Montessori Schools of Indiana is working to unify Montessori efforts across the state of Indiana. 

Click here to learn more about earning validation for your school or institution. 

Attend members-only networking events, get updates on Montessori news, and receive valuable professional development discounts. Join the movement today!

Each summer we offer Montessori Fundamentals courses for those new to Montessori. We also offer an annual professional conference each fall, right here in Indiana.

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