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Homecoming Sponsors


Montessori Gym

Montessori Gym constitutes a complete physical education solution, comprising both the materials and equipment to create a prepared gym environment, as well as the accompanying lessons and exercise programs.

Phone: 1-305-469-2585



Montessori Art Mentor

The Montessori Art Mentor curriculum provides information and experiences that allow children to use their own ideas and to produce authentic self-motivated artwork. 

Phone: 1-513-351-9038


New Logo - School 87 (1).png

IPS 87- George Washington Carver Montessori School

Mission Statement: We, the students at George Washington Carver Montessori, are a family of learners who embrace peace, love, and kindness. Each day we strive for success academically, personally, and through community service. We hope to bring about positive change through respect and understanding.

Phone: 317-226-4287


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Bloomington Montessori School

Mission Statement: The mission of Bloomington Montessori School is to guide students from self-discovery to global citizenship through Montessori education.

Phone: 812-336-2800


Northside Montessori Logo.png

Northside Montessori School

Mission Statement: Wanting to provide an exciting learning environment for children, Northside Montessori School was lovingly founded in 1986. Based on a community of dedicated teachers, involved parents and cost-effective tuition, we embraced Maria Montessoriʼs philosophy of learning which meets each child where they are. Children are always our first priority, and we offer flexible schedules to nurture their minds. We know that their educational journey is just beginning when they leave our school. We help them develop a natural love of learning with a never ending curiosity, leading to their future success as kind and caring adults.

Phone: 317-251-2979



A Children's Habitat Montessori School

Mission Statement: Enriching minds and building community, guided by the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori.

Phone: (317) 726-5584   



Montessori School of Westfield

Mission Statement: 

To awaken the child's spirit
To guide the child as they develop the kindness, courtesy, and self-discipline to become a leader in society
To encourage and facilitate a child's internal desire for independence
To guide the intellectual development as the child discovers how to be a lifelong independent learner

Phone: (317) 867-0158


MLK montessori logo.png

MLK Montessori School

Mission Statement: Martin Luther King Montessori School’s mission is to provide quality care and education that fosters a child's natural ability to learn while promoting self-confidence, social and cognitive development, and independence.

Phone: (260) 423-4333   



Indiana Montessori Academy

Mission Statement: Indiana Montessori Academy’s mission is to provide an environment for children to foster their natural love of learning; develop socially, academically and emotionally; and build a strong sense of community all utilizing the concepts and practices founded by Dr. Maria Montessori. IMA believes a respectful, thoughtful, peaceful child will create a peaceful and sustainable future. 

Phone: 317-569-1290   


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