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1674 West Smith Valley Road
Greenwood, IN  46142

Position Title: Enrichment Teacher
School:Center Grove Montessori School
Location: Greenwood, Indiana
Preferred Start Date: Neg.

Enrichment Teacher
Job Description
The Enrichment Teacher has several roles. Care for children before and after school, maintain proper records, and
beautify building for next day, proper lock up of building for the evening and any other duties directed by the head of
school or school administrator.
Care for children before and after school hours
Enrichment teacher role is to watch and care for before and after school hours. They are responsible for the safety and
physical well-being of the children at all times. The children are not to be left unattended, and classroom ratio must be
maintained on the playground as they are inside (one adult to every 10-12 students). They are also responsible for
keeping correct and accurate records of children using before and after care, and reporting those records to the School
Administrator. They are to report any and all accident to the parents at pick up, with a written out emergency/Incident
report. Please have parent sign one for our records. They are to help maintain a strong relationship with the parents, as
the enrichment teacher will see them often. Notify Director or School Administrator immediately of personal or
professional difficulties with the children, parents.
Building Cleaning
As enrichment teacher, they are often the first one in the building, and the last one out of the building. They need to
help maintain an environment that meets or exceeds State health, fire and child care requirements. It is the Enrichment
Teachers duty to make sure the building is clean and orderly upon arrival and dismissal.
On arrival:
Open any and all blinds
make sure all trash and debris is clear from the doors
prepare before care area for arrival
On dismissal:
All objects outside are put away
Garage door is shut and locked
Fence gates are closed and latched
Wipe down tables that you used
All dishes are to by clear of sink/washed and put away
Refrigerator is to be wiped down and all old food to be thrown away (every Friday)
Wipe down bathroom toilets and sinks that have been used during After Care
Trash emptied in said bathroom/after care room/and garage
Ensure all doors are LOCKED (crash bar is to be OUT)
Turn off all lights and ceiling fans
In the event that you have a few spare moments:
Check for toilet paper/paper towel/soap is full and ready for use the next day
Dust and/or wipe down shelves
Check art area for sharp pencils or paper refills
Enrichment teacher must model integrity, curiosity, responsibility, creativity, and respect for all persons as well as an
appreciation for racial, cultural, and gender issues and diversity.


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