2012 UMSI Conference Vendors

The United Montessori Schools of Indiana would like to thank the following vendors that displayed at the 2012 Fall Conference.


The Lord Company - lordequip@aol.com

Jeremy South/Pottery and Art Supplies - claymansouth@gmail.com

Steel Drums - info@pantuner.com

Montessori 4 Life - montessori4life@comcast.net

United Arts and Education - 1-800-322-3247 or 478-1121(Fort Wayne, IN)

KDA Furniture - info@kdafurniture.com

Educational Sounds and Images - info@esiiglobal.com

E & O Montessori - montessori1907@gmail.com

Great Extensions - inharmony100@gmail.com

Montessori Images - www.montessori-images.com

Erika Eicholz - U.S. History Album - hande@att.net