Kudos to Stacey Edwards of the Seton Montessori Institute! Stacey has been working on a project, which began as her Master’s program work. Stacey, along with other Montessori teachers and administrators from Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Ohio, have been working on correlating Montessori sequence and curriculum to the National Common Core Standards. This is a huge, but necessary undertaking. I had the good fortune to work on a portion of the 3-6 section of this document and can attest to the fact that it is tedious and lengthy work. For Montessori teachers and schools to be recognized in the “mainstream” of education in the United States, we must show that our students are meeting and exceeding the expectations that are set for traditional public education students. The officials in the Department of Education do not speak Montessori language (and never will), therefore, we must speak and understand their language! You can check out the introduction and rationale for this project at the following website;


Keep up the great work Stacey!

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