After sorting through decades’ worth of accumulated materials from my now closed Montessori pre school, I have finally compiled an inventory and price for the entire bundle. I do have some pictures of some of the furniture in the classroom. Everything is sorted into boxes with lids and labeled. There was too much to itemize every little thing but the main pieces are definitely listed. I hope to sell the entire package without breaking it up. If it is not sold as a package, I will break it up according to groups of 1) furniture 2) practical life 3) sensorial 4) math 5) language 6) cultural (science, geography, peace, and art appreciation). I will take any offers for the entire package until June 30th. If a buyer is not found, I will consider offers for the groups of materials. The closed school is in West Lafayette which is directly off of Interstate 65 (near Purdue University). I have kept some materials, especially in math to use with my grandchildren so the material list is not complete. I can be contacted at my email: to answer any questions. Thank you for looking! Maureen Northacker

This is a great buy for a new school or a second classroom. These items were part of the best of what I wanted to keep in the final years of the school.

Picture 1: Child’s rolltop desk used for writing desk Picture 2: A general idea of part of the items being sold Picture 3: Snack prep/lunch storage shelf table

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    Do you still have your materials available?


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