Hi. I retired and closed my school last spring. I have gradually been going through 25+ years of materials, support materials, etc. trying to decide what to keep for use with my grandchildren and what to sell.

I have decided to sell my used set of bells which are in good shape. I believe the natural base G was missing from the set. One small wooden top is missing from a bell. About four of the white lacquered bases could use touch up. One bell has all the pieces but needs to be secured better for use. I would replace a few of the little felt circles. I am being as detailed as possible so a prospective buyer can have a good idea as to what condition they are in. Included is a photo (with glare unfortunately). The notes (C, D, E, etc and flats) are written on the bottom of each bell so those not savvy with this material can benefit from that. Maybe someone has a used set with missing bells that they can use to replace anything needed. We are located one hour north of Indy right off Interstate 65. If a buyer prefers to have them shipped, they would have to pay for shipping and handling costs. Obviously the bells would have to be packed very carefully to prevent any damage

I have some other boards that go with the bells (not the ones the bells sit on) that are still in the packaging that I can offer to sell to the buyer if they are interested. I think they are “songs” of notes the children can play on the bells.

I can be contacted at this email address: momeehan47@aol.com

Thank you for putting out the word about this item. Please feel free to contact me if you have any more questions. Maureen Northacker

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