If you are reading this, you are one of the first people to visit our new website!  The United Montessori Schools of Indiana (UMSI) has been working on improving the way we communicate.  We are thrilled with the beginning of this new endeavor.

This group is comprised of public and private Montessori educators who value the rich results collaboration brings to our learning environments.  UMSI has sponsored an annual fall conference, assistant training and speakers at various schools.  It is our goal  to not only continue with these projects, but to expand our reach through dialog such as this website and blog and input from readers such as yourself.

Please help us serve our Montessori community by telling us how we can help you.  What would you like to see on this website?  How could we help support your professional development?  How could we help with parent education?  We welcome feedback and ideas!

Our board will be meeting soon to discuss how we can maintain this website financially while offering our Montessori community a robust environment in which to share.  This may include a fee that will enable schools to list their schools on the website as well as any important items they would like to have added to the calendar.

Remember, we are just starting out and we, like you, are full-time educators who are taking on this new adventure so we will also ask your patience as we stretch our wings.

Marilyn Horan,

UMSI Vice President

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