UMSI Meeting April 13, 2013 10:00 a.m. Montessori School of Westfield In attendance: Marilyn Horan, Brenda Huth, Vyju Kudombi, Lynne Boone, Tara Brammeier, Denise Brown, Sandy Strantz, Mark Nardo, 1. Treasurer’s report: Sent via email from Deb. Maria Montessori International Academy owes $141.00 IPS needs invoice to pay Deb needs updated copy of by-laws: Mark will send out up-dated copy to everyone Listed officers needs to be updated- President-Sandy Strantz Vice President-Marilyn Horan Vice President Public-Mark Nardo Secretary-Brenda Huth Treasurer-Deb Cyrier Sandy will send to Deb above list. Towles will be up on website. Marilyn will take care of contacting Tim 2. Fall Conference Discussion of Alyson Bleisistine: Vendor for Fall Conference. Music presenter. If the vendor presents they are waved the $50 fee (we did this last year). Interested in being a key note. No, can be a session leader and $50 fee will be waved. Jon Wolfe has already been booked Location: Second Saturday of October October 12, 2013 Forest Manor Professional Development Center 4501 E. 32nd Street 46218 Marilyn will make sure it gets up on the website Brenda will put it on the blog Bus tours of IPS 56th at the conclusion of the conference. Bus and or drive to it. 3:00 or 3:30 8:00-8:45 registration 8:45-9:45 First Session 10:00-11:30 keynote 11:35-12:15 networking 12:15-1:00 lunch 1:05-2:05 Second Session 2:15-3:15 Third Session 3:20-4:30 Fourth Session 4:45-5:30 optional tour of IPS 56. This is same schedule as last year Day before conference for administrators Jon Wolf $3,000 flat fee for travel everything-keynote During Saturday he will do session and keynote He would love to come ahead of time and do presentations for staff. daily fee is $1,500 for day if the school is interested in PD-more than one school could go together UMSI could pay for him to meet with administrators evening before Administrators may pay small fee Maybe don’t do it this year, but put it out to administrators for the following year-survey? Marion County Library? At the professional development center? After school with staff and then evening with parents-schools split Mark will contact Jonathon and discuss with him different possibilities Tara and Lynne in charge of vendors Brenda will send list to Tara. Vendor form needs to be changed so they don’t come to Brenda Attn: Tara Announcement will be on website first. Call for presenters form will be on website. Due back by July 1st to Tara. Hard copy 1224 E. 52nd 46205 or Tara’s email Tara will compile presenters and organize sessions. Mass email will go out announcing date, place, time Email blast “Save the Date” out in May Sandy needs to get UMSI things back from Tammy. Marilyn will check on supplies Session on state organizations from National AMS Conference -each state has it’s own issues -public policy and state legislature seems to be main focus. -some states do North and South conference -presenters at NAEYC -economic impact of private vs. public preschools -what is authentic Montessori? Should state define that? Look at Virginia – contact IAEYC to see if any of those people want to network and present Website old information. Contact Tim to update. Work on getting contacts for southern schools JOLA Contacts for southern schools, Denise Brown will work on contacting those schools Survey form redone. ½ sheet of paper…shorter Denise Brown will work on this for fall conference 3. Assistant Training Registrations are due June 21st July 23-26 Tuesday through Friday *CHANGE to July 16-19 Was going to be at Westfield, but Sandy is unavailable, but is available July 16-19 Toddler, 3-6, 6-9, 9-12 3-6 and 9-12 trainers are set. We need 6-9 trainers. Mark will work with his teachers to see if someone is interested. Vyju may want to present. Philosophy: Brenda philosophy Wednesday: Toddler overview Classroom management, peace, procedures, observation Thursday: Math, Sensorial Friday: Language Marilyn Will put out schedule and information will be put on the website. $150, $300 full day presenters $350 for all 4 days Assistant albums Presenters may need to bring multiple copies of handouts and just “build” albums as the training happens Mass email to UMSI schools about assistant training Next meeting: Anderson Cracker Barrel June 1st 10:00 a.m. Adjourned at 11:45.

Happy Spring! I have received several emails asking about our 2013 UMSI Fall Conference! We have already determined that the location will be Indianapolis. Thank you to Indianapolis Public School’s Montessori programs for their willingness to host this annual event! The date has not been firmed up as of yet. As soon as it is, we will post. The UMSI board will be meeting in Fishers, IN this weekend April 13, to finalize dates and times for the conference.

Register Today!

If you haven’t registered for this years fall conference, it’s not too late! This is going to be the best UMSI conference yet! Michael and D’Neil Duffy are our keynote speakers, we have a space full of vendors displaying the best in Montessori materials, and our breakout sessions cover a wide variety of topics and age groups. Register today! We are still accepting registrations.

I recently read an interesting study that was conducted by researchers at Oregon State University on children’s ability to pay attention. The researchers concluded that learning to pay attention is “more important to success in school than academic performance”. The study also concluded that “children who pay attention and persist with a task have a 50 percent better chance of completing college. The researchers discovered that children who were rated higher by their parents on attention span and persistence at age 4 had nearly 50 percent greater odds of getting a bachelor’s degree by age 25.” “Our study shows that the biggest predictor of college completion wasn’t math or reading skills, but whether or not children were able to pay attention and finish tasks at age 4.” The study was published online in Early Childhood Research Quarterly 2012. What does this have to do with Montessori? Several things! One of the basic philosophical beliefs of Montessori is the ideal of persistence. Children are encouraged to make their own work choices, but must persevere and finish the task they have chosen. The skilled Montessori teacher gives carefully selected lessons so that the child is successful, but challenged in their skill level. Because most lessons are given individually, children progress at their own rate gaining skills as they move through the curriculum. Another basic philosophical belief of Montessori is the progression towards sustained concentration. The materials in the classroom are designed to move from the concrete to abstract, simple to more difficult, and one step tasks towards many more complex steps in a task. Think of a work such as snack preparation (something all of the children love!). The child must first wash their hands, get a napkin take it to the snack table, get a plate, count the number of snack they are permitted to take that day, place the snack on their plate (if the snack involves spreading or opening a package they must also do that), take the plate to the snack table, get a glass, pour the juice, take it to the snack table, clean anything they have spilled or dropped along the way, place their napkin on their lap, and FINALLY sit at the table and eat their well deserved snack. I think you can see how Montessori fits into the idea of “paying attention through a task”, “finishing a task”, “persistence”, and “perseverance”. It is wonderful to read “modern” research that supports the basic tenants of Montessori that were developed over 100 years ago. What can you do at home? Give your child activities, chores, or tasks that contain multiple steps. Give them the tools and/or skills they need to be successful. In other words, think the task through first and make sure it is something they are physically able to do. Be sure they follow through and complete the task to the end. Celebrate their success!

Annual Fall Conference is just around the corner!

Don’t miss out on this year’s Annual Fall Conference! It is your chance to gain wonderful professional development (needed to maintain your AMS credentials) and network with other Montessori parents, teachers, and administrators. Registration is now open! You can register online and pay with your Pay Pal account or mail your registration. Michael and D’Neil Duffy, our keynote speakers, will be speaking about student motivation! Come join us in Fort Wayne on October 20th! It is going to be the best UMSI conference yet!

Kudos to Stacey Edwards of the Seton Montessori Institute! Stacey has been working on a project, which began as her Master’s program work. Stacey, along with other Montessori teachers and administrators from Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Ohio, have been working on correlating Montessori sequence and curriculum to the National Common Core Standards. This is a huge, but necessary undertaking. I had the good fortune to work on a portion of the 3-6 section of this document and can attest to the fact that it is tedious and lengthy work. For Montessori teachers and schools to be recognized in the “mainstream” of education in the United States, we must show that our students are meeting and exceeding the expectations that are set for traditional public education students. The officials in the Department of Education do not speak Montessori language (and never will), therefore, we must speak and understand their language! You can check out the introduction and rationale for this project at the following website;

Keep up the great work Stacey!

After sorting through decades’ worth of accumulated materials from my now closed Montessori pre school, I have finally compiled an inventory and price for the entire bundle. I do have some pictures of some of the furniture in the classroom. Everything is sorted into boxes with lids and labeled. There was too much to itemize every little thing but the main pieces are definitely listed. I hope to sell the entire package without breaking it up. If it is not sold as a package, I will break it up according to groups of 1) furniture 2) practical life 3) sensorial 4) math 5) language 6) cultural (science, geography, peace, and art appreciation). I will take any offers for the entire package until June 30th. If a buyer is not found, I will consider offers for the groups of materials. The closed school is in West Lafayette which is directly off of Interstate 65 (near Purdue University). I have kept some materials, especially in math to use with my grandchildren so the material list is not complete. I can be contacted at my email: to answer any questions. Thank you for looking! Maureen Northacker

This is a great buy for a new school or a second classroom. These items were part of the best of what I wanted to keep in the final years of the school.

Picture 1: Child’s rolltop desk used for writing desk Picture 2: A general idea of part of the items being sold Picture 3: Snack prep/lunch storage shelf table

Michael and D’Neil Duffy have been involved in Montessori Education for more than 35 years, since their daughter entered a New York Montessori School at age 2 1/2. D’Neil, who had been a teacher in the traditional public and private schools for 12 years, fell in love with the Montessori method and philosophy. She took her AMI primary level training in Atlanta. After teaching in other schools for several years, she founded the Blackstock Montessori School in Villa Rica, GA., in 1979 and went on to take her 6-12 elementary training at the Center for Montessori Teacher Education in New York. D’Neil has taught at every level except toddler and was the administrator of Blackstock Montessori for 21 years. Michael, who had been a journalist by profession, took the 6-12 elementary training at CMTE/NY and joined the Blackstock Montessori School in 1989, teaching in the lower, then upper elementary classes. Both became trainers in the teacher training program at CMTE/NY, an American Montessori Society-affiliated program, and they have trained teachers in New York, Phoenix, Boston, Toronto, Vancouver, and Puerto Rico with CMTE/NY and other training centers. The Duffys have also given workshops at national and international Montessori conferences and their work has been published in Montessori magazines. They have authored three books on Montessori education: “Children of the Universe: Cosmic Education in the Montessori Elementary Classroom,” “Math Works: Montessori Math and the Developing Brain,” and, most recently, “Love of Learning: Supporting Intrinsic Motivation in Montessori Students,” all published through Parent Child Press. In addition to their Montessori credentials, both have masters degrees in education, D’Neil with a specialty in Guidance and Counseling, and Michael with a specialty in Media Education. They retired from Blackstock in 2001 to devote more of their time to teacher training, writing and educational consulting, and they have moved to the mountains of Virginia to be within a day’s drive of all four of their grand-children.

The Board of Director’s of UMSI are very excited to announce our keynote speakers for the Annual Fall Conference, which will be held on October 20, 2012 at Towles Intermediate Montessori School in Fort Wayne. Our guests will be Michael and D’Neil Duffy! The Duffy’s have co-authored the books Children of the Universe: Cosmic Education in the Montessori Elementary Classroom, Math Works Montessori Math and the Developing Brain, and Love of Learning Supporting Intrinsic Motivation in Montessori Students. They will not only deliver our keynote presentation, but also present two other mini-sessions! We are very excited and honored to have them both join us in Fort Wayne! We hope you can join us as well.

Hi. I retired and closed my school last spring. I have gradually been going through 25+ years of materials, support materials, etc. trying to decide what to keep for use with my grandchildren and what to sell.

I have decided to sell my used set of bells which are in good shape. I believe the natural base G was missing from the set. One small wooden top is missing from a bell. About four of the white lacquered bases could use touch up. One bell has all the pieces but needs to be secured better for use. I would replace a few of the little felt circles. I am being as detailed as possible so a prospective buyer can have a good idea as to what condition they are in. Included is a photo (with glare unfortunately). The notes (C, D, E, etc and flats) are written on the bottom of each bell so those not savvy with this material can benefit from that. Maybe someone has a used set with missing bells that they can use to replace anything needed. We are located one hour north of Indy right off Interstate 65. If a buyer prefers to have them shipped, they would have to pay for shipping and handling costs. Obviously the bells would have to be packed very carefully to prevent any damage

I have some other boards that go with the bells (not the ones the bells sit on) that are still in the packaging that I can offer to sell to the buyer if they are interested. I think they are “songs” of notes the children can play on the bells.

I can be contacted at this email address:

Thank you for putting out the word about this item. Please feel free to contact me if you have any more questions. Maureen Northacker